December 9, 2015

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About Us

About us, at precision cuttings, we provide accurate and affordable CNC router cutting services in Mississauga. We do CNC machining for Aluminum and alupanels ACM materials. We provide digital die cut service on CNC  router cutting technology for rigid plastics and aluminum for industrial products and equipment. We offer accurate creations in today’s most innovative and advanced CNC knife cutting and router technologies to help you achieve the next level of manufacturing with precision. Achieve the productivity with reliable quality. At Precision Cuttings, we provide digital cutting service with the CNC router that allows us to process router cutting and knife cutting jobs faster, more economical and with greater flexibility. Superior performance coupled with high-end technology ensures all jobs are done with precision cutting to the exact size. Using our knife cutting systems combined with camera reading and registration marks system, we can process a wide range of printed materials. Our precision cutting service capabilities allow us to produce high-quality digital die-cut jobs for aluminum, industrial products, instruments, and equipment. We can accommodate a wide range of formats, including Illustrator®, CorelDRAW®, AutoCAD® and DesktopCAD® files.

You may contact us for arrow and number CNC cutting jobs, handicap parking die-cut stencils, mascot and logo die-cuts, parking facility die-cut stencils, die-cut jobs for road pavement markings and stencils for schools, university, and educational institutes and custom made die-cut jobs for airport runway stencils, die-cut for industrial utility, alupanels CNC cutting, die cut honeycomb boards router cutting, die-cut coroplast shapes, CNC die cut shapes, CNC die-cut animal shapes, custom die cut engineering designs and shapes on rigid plastics which can be rush ordered for a quick turn around of short runs on knife cutting and camera reading with registration marks and custom CNC cutting and router precision cutting service.

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