December 12, 2015

Plastic Die Cutting Service

Plastic Die Cutting

We provide plastic die cutting service for high durability rigid or semi-rigid plastic materials. Avail our plastic die cutting service for parts and components which are CNC router cut. We provide knife cutting service print and cut jobs with accurate alignment and equal spacing and clean cuts with squared corners as well. Plastics are light weight, tough. Semi-rigid plastics are even flexible, waterproof, dent resistant. These plastics have the advantage of durability and aesthetic appeal making it easy to work with. We can work on different types of plastics such as acrylic plexi, mylar, styrene, PVC, LDPE or ABS. Die-cut plastics  jobs made on CNC router cutting are a preferred choice for versatility, light weight. These being weather-resistant, you can work easily outdoors. For plastics you do not have to worry about water damage or corrosion. We can undertake custom die cut plastic jobs for any shape as per the engineering drawings and artwork designs. We can create logos, symbols, letters, wordings, directional arrows, displays etc.

LDPE, Mylar, Styrene, PVC or ABS plastic material is widely used for industrial, engineering applications and commercial utility purpose. As with all our CNC router die-cuttings, these plastic jobs can be worked on large and over-size jobs. You may contact us for arrow and number stencils, handicap parking stencils, mascot and logo stencils, parking facility stencils, stencils for road pavement markings and plastic die-cut to shape displays for schools, university and educational institutes and custom made airport runway stencils, industrial stencils, alupanels CNC cutting, honeycomb boards router cutting, coroplast stencils, CNC die cut shapes, CNC cut animal shapes which can be rush ordered for a quick turn around of short runs on knife cutting and camera reading with registration marks and CNC plastic die cutting services.

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