November 17, 2015

ACM Panel Cutting

ACM Panel Cutting

Take advantage of our CNC routing services for custom oversized ACM Panel Cutting for cladding service providers and cladding contractors. Free yourself from the exertion of ACM machining with Precision Cuttings. Did you know? When ACP and PVDF Aluminium Panels are amalgamated, they become strong enough to be used as exterior construction curtain walls and used for oversize Architectural Facade Panels. 

That’s why we provide commercial cladding services for both industrial and commercial roofing, along with cladding contractors, as well as wall cladding service providers. Why use ACM panels? Well, these panels are lightweight, highly acid-resistant, and highly alkali-resistant. As a result, ACM panels are weatherproof and very rigid. They’re perfect for hosting outdoor decorations. PVDF and ACP wallboards are great as signage, and are suitable as industrial raw material.


Aluminium Composite Panel Cutting

Custom Aluminum Composite Panels can be machined to perfection. This allows panels to gain unlimited advantages, like perfect input of holes, exact slots, and V-grooving. Our custom CNC-cut Oversize ACM panels are even used in the engineering and architectural industries, which demand absolute accuracy! We cut oversize ACM sheets for cladding service providers and cladding contractors.

CNC-cut Alupanels can also be made into any accurate shape or structure. It can be used for machinery, industrial equipment, and construction cladding projects. We use high-quality drills, V-groove cutters, and slot drill tools to machine these after they are CNC cut. ACM boards are ideal for external construction cladding structures within new buildings. Strong, lightweight ACM is exactly what you need for your next exterior cladding project.

With the appropriate product knowledge, custom composite panels can be formulated into engineering components that surpass all other cladding material.

Composite Aluminium Panels have a clean and crisp finish. Plus, ACM CNC cutting nets you a lot of value for your money. Aluminium Sheet materials like Dibond, Alupanel, Reynobond, and several other composite materials can be CNC-cut by us quickly and efficiently. The construction and cutting of ACM products requires accurate machinery that we will already own.

Ask us for oversized panels cutting rendered for cladding service providers.  We handle over size sheets,  ACM panel sheets we cut for Alucoil, Alupanel, ALPOLIC, Alumax, AluPoly, Dibond, Alucobond, EZ Panels.

Almost every over-sized rigid sheet material can be cut and reproduced effectively and efficiently, into any size and texture. At Precision Cuttings, we specialize in Composite Aluminum Panels Cutting and Oversize Architectural Facade Panels. Curious? Please feel free to contact us for further guidance and assistance.

Precision Cuttings Can Help is an established CNC cutting business that offers a complete line of ACM products, systems, and services. Our specialities include Custom Composite Panel CNC Cutting. Call our Toll-Free Phone Number at 1-877-268-5842, or email us for a FREE quote at

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