November 15, 2015

Animal Stencils

Animal Stencils

Animal Stencils are a great way to dress up for educational and recreational projects. These are essentially used in schools and university projects, parks, museums, government projects, aquariums and the zoo. CNC cutting services for animals cut to their shapes include dolphin shapes. CNC cut fish stencil that pose as swimming in the sea. These can be in different shapes of butterflies, doves and dragonflies, and deer stencil which look and seem to be up in the sky. We can custom cut to shape cattle such as horses or sheep or basically lovely pets...cats or dogs. Also CNC cut shapes can be of animals such as lions, tigers and deer. We can CNC cut shapes for a wide range of creatures and animals. CNC cutting for animals and creature shapes can be made from various materials such as corrugated fluted coroplast or flat and smooth semi rigid polystyrene or any rigid plastic materials. We can obtain a superior crisp cutting edge with smooth finish of animal shapes.

Deer Stencil & Fish Stencil

You may contact us for CNC Cut Animal Stencil for dolphin, fish stencil, deer stencil or other animal shapes. Custom cut shapes for educational institutes or cattle shapes and designs. Also, arrow and die cut numbers and handicap parking stencils. Mascot and logo stencil, parking facility stencils and stencils for road pavement markings. CNC cut shapes for schools, university and educational institutes. Custom made airport runway stencils, industrial CNC projects and composite panels CNC cutting. Honeycomb boards cutting with industrial design parameters according to specifications in the drawings or designs. Coroplast animal stencils, fish stencil and deer stencil. CNC cut animal shapes which can be rush ordered for a quick turn around for short runs.  Knife cutting and camera reading with registration marks. Custom cut designs and shapes on rigid plastics and custom Cut Animal Stencils.

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