November 29, 2015

CNC Router Service

CNC Router Service

With our CNC router service, take the advantage of latest technology and low cost of manufacturing. We offer our services for designers, professionals and companies. We work with craftsmen and carpenters, businesses and DIY individuals as well. We provide indoor and outdoor architectural and engineering router services. We do it with speed, innovation and expertise to deliver an exceptional product. With the vast option for material choice, we can achieve CNC router cutting, engraving and in-house design services. We provide precision cuttings for producing aluminum, woodworking, acrylic and plastics (CNC router services).

We do custom art for interior decors and business fronts. We do custom prototypes, architectural models and craftsmanship projects. We provide router cutting services for aluminum sheets and industrial projects. Alupanels, Dibond, Reynobond and Alucobond type ACM materials cutting. Plastic router cutting for acrylics and various plastics. General woodworking on CNC router cutting machine for MDF boards and Plywood sheets.

By utilising the latest CNC router cutting technology we have the advantage of speed, innovation and expertise to deliver an exceptional finished product. We offer fast turnaround for short runs. Take the advantage of our efficient routing and cutting services from our 5 x 10 CNC router machine. We provide (CNC router service) for high standards in manufacturing as per engineering specs and drawings.  We can accommodate  AutoCAD® and DXF file formats files. Contact us for a quick quote.

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