November 29, 2015

CNC Router Service

CNC Router Service

Take advantage of cutting-edge CNC router technology at the lowest price possible with Precision Cuttings CNC router service. We offer our services to individuals and companies as well. We work with craftspeople, carpenters, industrial businesses, and DIY fans too. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re ever in need of custom CNC router work.

Additionally, we provide indoor and outdoor architectural and engineering router services. With several options for available materials. We can achieve CNC router cutting, engraving, and create in-house AutoCAD designs with ease. We can process aluminum, wood, acrylic, and various plastics.

We can also provide custom art for interior decorating, whether personal or professional. We can put together custom prototypes, architectural models, craftsmanship projects and every industrial project out there. Common CNC ACM materials include Alupanels, Dibond, Reynobond, and Alucobond, all of which can be cut with accuracy and skill. We also excel at processing MDF boards and plywood sheets.

Overall, we have the advantage of speed, innovation, and plenty of expertise at hand. This allows as to deliver exceptional final products. Not to mention, we offer fast turnaround times for short runs. Our 5 x 10 CNC router machine makes cutting efficient and accurate. Precision Cuttings CNC router service matches the highest standards required for high-quality manufacturing - as outlined by engineering professionals. We accommodate AutoCAD®, AI, PDF, DWG, and DXF type file formats. Contact us for reliable CNC service today.

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