November 29, 2015

CNC Woodworking

CNC Woodworking

We provide CNC woodworking services for cutting various wood fabrication projects. We can handle various projects in different sizes. We work with designers, professionals and creative individuals. We handle different types of jobs for master mind carpenters, general contractors and experienced woodworkers. We can achieve various commercial and residential application projects. We have the CNC cutting services capability to handle complex and detailed geometry to convert these engineering designs into reality.

We do MDF design doors and products for better stability and super finishing. MDF doors are made from a single sheet. This renders no joints or chances for expansion or contraction. The smooth uniform surface is ideal for painting. This prevents paint from cracking and withstands fluctuations in temperature and moisture. MDF composition allows for incredible design flexibility and superior finish of the final product.

We use latest CNC machining processes to deliver high quality, on-demand service. We can achieve the desired finish and tight tolerance accuracy as per drawing specs. It always helps to reduce the CNC woodworking cost with standard size tools and corner radius. We have the options to process a wide range of material choice. Thus we can attain low cost per unit with speed of production. This makes CNC woodworking a favorable technology for manufacturing processes. 

We offer fast turnaround and efficient CNC woodworking and cutting from our 5’x 10’ CNC. We process short runs at reasonable price. We are looking in the direction to taking-up new projects that could be entrusted to us. Our goal is to provide CNC woodworking services with complete satisfaction. Contact us for a quote.

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