September 19, 2015

Handicap Parking Stencils

handicap parking stencils - precision cuttings
Handicap parking stencils
 for parking lots are accurately made by CNC router cutting and manufactured to MUTCD specifications. Pavement marking stencils are ADA standard compliant. Handicap parking stencils are manufactured on coro-plast, Mylar, Styrene or LDPE. These are durable, reusable, easy to clean. These stencils can be used with any spray equipment, aerosol paints or rollers. We leave a safety margin of 3 to 4 inches of space around the outside of the word or symbol allowing for over spray. Additionally we can create curb marking parking area word stencils such as RESERVED or NO PARKING. Word stencils are commonly used in parking lots or directional words. These help to safely direct traffic with large selection of arrows. Corrugated plastic is most ideal material of choice for stencil utility applications as it is tough, light and durable, waterproof, weather resistant and stain resistant. Other material of choice for stencils can be in acrylic, oil boards, mylar, brass and aluminium. LDPE, Mylar and Poly-Styrene are rollable stencils for easy storage and reusability.

Precision cut, custom stencils are accurately manufactured by computerized CNC Router cutting system. We can achieve precision details for industrial engineering parameters according to specifications in the drawings or designs. Ask for a quote for custom stencils cutting for multiple applications in various sizes and reusability. These stencils we can create for schools, airports, football fields, mascots, playgrounds, recreation centres, numbers, alphabets, map stencils and more. Stencils to quickly mark roads, streets, highways, rail-road crossings, handicap areas in parking lots. Reusable and easy to clean LDPE stencils that can be used repeatedly and the paint flakes off when dry. Stencils manufactured to MUTCD specifications will helps make roadways and parking lots safer and easier to navigate.  Feel free to contact us for custom die cut engineering designs and shapes on rigid plastics for handicap parking stencils.

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