November 17, 2015

Honeycomb Boards Cutting

contact us - precision cuttingsHoney comb boards cutting and v-grooves

Get honeycomb boards cutting done with precision on our CNC router cutting. Accurately done V-groove cuts. Our CNC honeycomb boards cutting greatly expands our capabilities to take on even the most intricate custom cutting projects. Whether it may require precision drilling, cutting or V-groove cutting, we will achieve it with accuracy and smooth finishing. Honeycomb boards cutting includes the process of various honeycomb sandwich panels with aluminum skins or in card boards for engineering and display fields. Wherever weight is an issue, honeycomb boards is the solution. Versatile, easy to work with and very environmentally friendly.

We can carry out honeycomb board panels cutting for the use in aerospace, marine, transportation, automotive and wind energy industries. Honeycomb boards have a light weight, strength, rigidity and stability. Honeycomb boards cutting is an ideal choice for corrugated wall panels, aircraft walls and office space dividers. We do honeycomb boards cutting for on-tract office furniture where weight reduction is the main essence, especially suited for custom cabinetry where versatility is a paramount. Honey-comb board cuttings adds a smooth and clean finish for displays, signage and photo mounting. These board cuttings can be made for sunroof shades, load floors and headliners. We do honeycomb boards cuttings with aluminum skin for marine furniture specifically designed for double-deck exhibit flooring and risers/platforms. With our honeycomb boards cutting we can work on for multiple utilities for industrial and engineering applications.

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