September 19, 2015

Laser Engraving Services

Precision Cuttings offers quality, cost-effective laser engraving services to those looking to laser etch upon and cut a wide variety of materials. Our laser makes many passes over artwork, moving a fraction of a millimeter each time, to cover the entire surface area of your design. Whether you’re cutting one piece or a thousand pieces, we offer a wide range of services and techniques to create your final product according to your project’s requirements.

Our laser engraving capabilities are as follows:

Engraving Area: 48 in. x 96 in.
Maximum Thickness: 1 inch thick

Laser Engraving Services

Laser Applications include: Manufacturing • Prototyping • Tool & Die • Signage & Wayfinding • Furniture • Promotional Products • Automotive • Art & Sculptures • Consulting & Engineering • Promotional Merchandise • Control Panels • Jigs & Templates • Wood Cutting • Component Identification • Plaques • Name Plates • Plastic Cutting • Glass Etching

We provide laser engraving solutions for: Wood • Plastics • Acrylic • Aluminum • Leather • Cork

How to get started with your laser engraving project? Submit your project for a custom quote, from us. It’s free! We price our services on an individual basis, as most projects require unique consideration. Generally, the total cost of a project is calculated by combining material, labor, file preparation, machining set-up, engraving time, and other potential costs.

In preparation for your project, note that the best possible artwork files to use are vector files that are sized correctly.

Take advantage of our services and see why Precision Cuttings is your professional, one-stop laser engraving services shop.  We provide laser engraving services to clients in Toronto, Mississauga and The Greater Toronto & Hamilton Areas (GTHA). Get your free quote today.

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