September 19, 2015

Lifesize Cutouts

Lifesize Cutouts

Lifesize Cutouts are cut with accuracy and precision. Our CNC cut services generate products that are highly durable. As a result Lifesize Cutouts on coroplast can also generate products that can be used infinite times with limitless versatility at an affordable price. CNC cutting made for coroplast shapes are tough, light in weight and rigid. These corrugated flutes are waterproof and are dent resistant with a high aesthetic appeal. Die cut shapes are weather resistant and versatile in nature.They can be worked upon easily at outdoor locations. Problems like water damage, corrosion and stains do not occur. CNC cut stencils can be customized to any shape as per artwork deigns, logos, symbols, letter, arrows etc. Since these have highly efficient industrial parameters, they can be customized according to the specifications mentioned in the drawings or designs. These industrial reusable cnc cut shapes can be ordered in any font or size.  For large cut outs, a three inch border will be put on all the edges around the lettering for spray margins. These can be done according to the specifications as well.

Lifesize Cutouts - Parking Stencils

Coroplast custom stencil markings help people to direct traffic in parking lots, roads, roadways, bike paths etc. This way it becomes easy for the drivers. CNC cut coroplast parking stencils are used as instruction words and symbols. This helps the drivers about the safety guide for parking and traffic. Each CNC cut coroplast stencil has meaningful numbers, letters or graphic signs that give different parking messages. Words such as “BIKE LANE”, “NO PARKING”, “FIRE LANE” etc. These stencils can also be made from LDPE plastic for high sturdiness and longevity. As a result stencils can be effectively helpful in getting safety parking messages.


CNC cutting of stencils are made for markings on airport and airfield runways. These stencils provide accurately and exactly cut markings for lettering, numbers and symbols. These can be used for runways, taxiways, aircraft fields, helipads and heliports etc. Our stencils are reusable and have a long lasting durability. These are available at affordable prices. Industrial CNC cut LDPE or coroplast shapes are used by professionals. Our CNC-cut services guarantee large size CNC cut coroplast or LDPE stencils which are made to the specs of airport runways and airfield facility areas. Airport number LDPE stencils and letters are made to the specs of FAA advisory circular 150/5340-1L. Therefore, airport runways are painted using the stencils to meet the federal regulations. Paintings should be done frequently if marks get faded.  Lettering, numbers and symbols are used to manage the ground traffic.


Mascots and logos can be produced from light weight, highly durable and tough coroplast material. CNC cut Mascots and logo stencils are designed according to the art work. Mascots and logos are often used for schools, universities, playgrounds, academies etc. Furthermore, it is one of the most economical way of getting a professional appearance with recognition. CNC cut coroplast technology is advanced and highly efficient. We can have customized logos, mascots, league emblems and designs turned into a reusable stencil.


Customized an accurately cut arrows or numbers stencil are an influential tool which makes navigating the traffic on roads, parking areas etc. easier without any perplexity. These arrows and numbers are made from plastic material or aluminum sheets. As a result, materials which have a long life and which are highly durable should be used. These arrows and numbers are used in the following- warehouse areas, stencils for shipping facility areas, aerospace and aviation airfields, oil refineries, gas stations, malls and public areas, institutes etc. At, we are a  company that specialize in arrow and number CNC cut coroplast shapes, parking stencils, airport runway stencils etc. Please contact us for Lifesize Cutouts for your custom requirements. In case of any assistance, you can either call on (1-877-268-5842) or send an email at for the desired help.

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