September 19, 2015

Parking Lot Stencils

At Precision Cuttings parking lot stencils are CNC cut with accuracy which allows for excellent smooth cutting. Parking stencils for markings, help safely direct the traffic in parking lots, on roads and roadways, bike paths. CNC-cut parking stencils include instructional words, symbols, letters, and graphic signage in accordance with MUTCD standards. Common markings include “Fire Lane”, “No Parking”, “Bike Lane”, and “Reserved Parking” and different word based on municipal regulations. These stencils can also be made using LDPE plastics for better sturdiness and longevity. For larger parking stencils, a standard three-inch border will follow all edges around lettering - to allow for adequate spray margins. But we can tweak this to your specifications if necessary.

All the stencils are flexible, and easy to place across surfaces like pavements. Need an oversized stencil? We can provide you with Large Stencils. We are can work with any size sheets of plastics, polystyrene, Coroplast, Mylar, and LDPE.

No matter your needs, we have the skills and experience necessary to make your project a reality. Make use of our latest CNC technology available for your custom stencils. Turn your concept into a full-fledged project at Precision Cuttings. We’ve worked with the automotive, aerospace, aeronautics, marine, railway, and other heavy industries. Coupled with our expertise in the construction and advertising industries, we’re able to do a variety of CNC projects with quick turnarounds.

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