December 12, 2015

Plastic Cutting

Plastic Cutting

At Precision Cuttings we provide plastic cutting service for highly durable rigid- and semi-rigid plastics. Looking for custom plastic parts for medical fields equipment and engineering design jobs? Nylon, Delrin, ABS, HDPE, LDPE and PVC equipment parts source. Take advantage of our CNC router and laser cutting services for custom made plastic parts and components that need to be cut accurately, quickly at a low cost.

We provide CNC print-and-cut jobs with accurate alignment with holes and slots, alongside clean cuts with squared or rounded corners. Most plastics are known to be lightweight and quite tough. Semi-rigid plastics, however, are even more flexible than traditional plastics, as well as waterproof and dent-resistant. These types of plastics are incredibly durable and aesthetically appealing, allowing them a variety of uses and making them easy to work with.

We process several different oversize plastic sheets, including acrylic Plexiglass, Mylar, styrene, PVC, LDPE, and ABS. These plastics have diverse applications, since they cannot corrode or take water damage. All plastics have important industrial and commercial uses for business applications and may need to be worked on large batches. Have aftermarket equipment parts cutting job in mind? We’re happy to take on custom CNC router cutting jobs of custom shapes, with specs and drawings.

  • We provide plastic cutting services for:
    Medical equipment replacement parts, Aftermarket construction equipment parts, Laundry equipment parts, Construction equipment parts, Food service equipment parts, Restaurants equipment parts, Farm equipment parts, Lab equipment parts, Cleaning equipment parts, Exercise equipment parts,  Used heavy equipment parts, Aerial equipment parts, Industrial equipment parts, dental equipment parts, Aftermarket equipment parts, Parts for medical equipment, Used construction equipment parts. Contact us for free quotes.

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