September 19, 2015

Precision Cutting

Alupanel Composites Precision Cutting

Your business can benefit from cutting alupanel composite boards with our CNC router precision die cutting. Alupanel is a decorative aluminium composite panel with exceptional rigidity, outstanding strength, easy for installation, maintenance and perfect in appearance. We can custom die-cut Alupanels for industrial engineering applications for wall linings in machinery and equipment, auto industry, interior designs and decorations in construction industry.

Precision Die Cutting

Coroplast Precision Cutting

Tough, durable and light weight coroplast, fluted plastic is a popular material for industrial strength die cut. A Coroplast precision die cutting is reusable letters, symbols, arrows, company logos and sports field mascot stencils. We do coroplast precision die cutting with highly accurate cuts on CNC machine and we can create volume based production with repeatability and smoothness of cut quality and precision.


Corrugated Cardboard Cutting and Creasing

Creative ideas that can be economically produced with corrugated cardboard die cutting and creasing with our CNC digital cutting system. We can crease and cut all commonly used cardboard packaging materials used in packaging industry. We can apply CNC routing and cutting and creasing technology to your cardboard packaging or card board display projects in custom cutouts of various sizes and shapes.

Precision Die Cutting CNC

PVC and Plastics Films Precision Cutting

We provide accurate and affordable CNC router cutting for PVC, plastic films and rubber die cutting. With our CNC router we have the capabilities of easily machining and die cutting, engraving materials including PVC and many other soft and hard rigid and semi-rigid plastics. Contact us for PVC die cut services for commercial and engineering applications.

PVC Plastic die cut services

Honey Comb CNC Cutting

Honeycomb boards are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and hard-wearing. With our digital CNC scoring and cutting services we help our customers produce smart, practical solutions that look incredible. Our in-house CNC flatbed facilities will do a quality cutting service of most honeycomb materials using blade and router technology cutting your material to your specifications in various size production runs.

Honeycomb die cut service

Foam Board (Knife Cutting / Routing)

With our cost and time effective routing capabilities we are capable of cutting foam boards in intricate shapes with sharp angles. For foam cutting we can use cutting tools intended for knife cutting or routing on our CNC machine. Foam boards are an excellent choice for applications that are temporary in nature and require light weight and rigidity. Standard foam board is a versatile, all-around graphic and display board with memory.

CNC cutting-foam board

CNC Router Inlays

We can provide high quality CNC router inlays in many different materials, shapes and sizes on solid surface materials. We are genuinely passionate about the high precision and perfect finish that can be achieved on our CNC router making great looking accurate router inlays with high aesthetic value that will make people really appreciate the beauty and complexity of work done.

precision die cutting

Plexi Glass / Acrylic (Polished Edge Cutting)

Acrylic Plexi-Glass is a rigid plastic material with a premium looking high gloss finish. We do acrylic CNC cutting for applications where the edge will be visible and it will be either polished or at least very smooth. In addition to acrylic CNC cutting service, we offer edge finishing and polishing services for plexi-glass, acrylic and poly-carbonate sheet products for clear and elegant looking edges.

Plexi Glass Diecut Engineering Services

Lexan / Polycarbonate CNC Cutting

With our state of the art CNC cutting technology, we have the capability to handle your project requirement of Lexan or polycarbonate specific jobs in various sizes and shapes. You can get a smooth and clean finish when cutting this material and we offer on-demand, custom cutting and shaping services to ensure that your jobs arrive on-time, to your specifications and ready to use.

Lexan Polycarbonate Print and Die Cut service

Engraving Boards

With our CNC router engraving machine, we provide the art of cutting or carving grooves or characters for engraving into a surface. Our services include plastic and aluminium engraving for precision quality CNC cutting and engraving boards for business, industrial and architectural needs. Our CNC router will structure flawlessly crafted various geometric designs with eye pleasing aesthetics.

Engraving services - die cut services

Sintra CNC Cutting

Sintra material is an expanded PVC sheet product and we provide routing operation services. For best results, we use our CNC router for cutting, slotting, bevelling, rabbeting, rounding edges and trimming the Sintra material according to specifications. We offer reasonable prices, good quality and fast turns

Sintra die cut service

HDMP (High Density Molecular Plastic) Cutting

HDMP is high density molecular plastic that is used throughout a wide range of industries. HDMP is impact, chemical and abrasion resistant lending its use to fender applications, machinery equipment protective wear liners, engineering bushes and sleeves as well as the food industry. We provide state of the art CNC precision die cutting technology to achieve the cutting with precise accuracy.

HDMP Plastics Die Cut Services

Vinyl Cutting

We offer a full line of CNC knife cutting solutions featuring the flatbed CNC cutting system for vinyl or semi rigids. We serve markets that require mechanized knife cutting, creasing and perforation operations. Images that have been printed on wide format digital printers are easily registered using the digital registration and camera reading a powerful digital finishing solution!

Vinyl die cut services - multiple copies and sets

CNC Knife Cut and Router Custom Precision Die Cutting Services

Contact us and get a free custom quote for arrow and die cut numbers, handicap parking stencils, die-cut mascot and logos, parking facility stencils, stencils for road pavement markings, custom made airport runway stencils, industrial stencils, alupanels CNC cutting, honeycomb boards router cutting, coroplast stencils, CNC die cut shapes, CNC cut animal shapes which can be rush ordered for knife cutting and camera reading with registration marks CNC cutting services.

Precision Die Cutting